Sunday, March 26, 2017

Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? - Conclusion Post

I am going to miss this unit!  It has been so fun exploring colors with E these past two weeks and really hit home for me why I am doing this for her.  She went from knowing a few colors at the beginning of the unit, to learning all of her primary and secondary colors (plus black, white and pink).  More importantly, she had fun learning!

Lets talk about our favorite activities and our least favorite (I try to keep it real here!).


Color Matching Pegs

Interactive Reading: Freight Train & Mouse Paint

And of course our favorite Color books:

I was very lucky that we didn't have too many fails this week.  E was less than impressed by stringing beads on pipe cleaners, and our pattern pages are still a bit over her head.  I still think they are good practice for her though, so they will keep coming up.  I just don't push them much yet.  I let her explore on her own after I show her what she is supposed to do.  She'll get there, and I am so proud of her this week!

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