Thursday, March 23, 2017

Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? - Sensory Experiences

Sensory bins and art are always my personal favorite activities of the week.  Our Brown Bear unit has two sensory experiences (I am going to call it 'sensory experience' as one of them is not technically in a bin).

The first one is a colored pom pom sensory bin that ties in St. Patrick's Day.

I filled our sensory bin tub with a massive variety pack of colored pom poms.  Then I hid these gold and green coins I found at Dollar Tree for St. Patrick's Day in the bin.  E had to dig in all the pom poms and find the coins and separate the gold from green into the cups.  I liked this bin because it wasn't messy so I was able to drag it out more often during our two week unit.  It also allowed E to make up her own ways to play, she would call out the colors of the pom poms, and practice pouring (the coins make a fun jingling sound when they are poured!).

You can watch a video of us playing with this bin:

Our next sensory experience was SLIME!  I used this recipe.  I wish I could have made all the different slime variations that she made!  I only had enough glue to make the green with gold glitter slime.  But that's okay, I knew I wanted a color that would coincide with St. Patrick's Day, but also was a color we were practicing learning.

I have said this before...but I'll say it again, E is really picky about textures.  So I honestly didn't have high hopes for this project.  Which is why I didn't even blog about it earlier.  BUT, she loved it!  It took her awhile to warm up to the idea of touching it with more than just her fingernail,  but by the end she was grabbing the slime and rolling it all over the place.  I turned this into a fun activity by hiding a few of the gold and green coins and letting her 'dig' them out of the slime.

Watch us play with slime:

I can't wait to make more slime for our other units!  If any of you play with slime, let me know what you do with it, do you hide things, do you use it like playdough?  

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