Saturday, March 25, 2017

Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? - Art Project

Ahh, art!  My favorite!  I was actually pretty stumped on what to do for an art project for this unit.  Then it hit me when I found these awesome playdough mats.  I printed off a page of each animal and we used a different art technique to paint each animal their corresponding color.

This was such a perfect project for this unit.  I try to get E to practice using a variety of art materials so she can see the different effect each medium has and the different shades that can be achieved with each material.  In a toddlers mind, it probably went something more like this, "YAY! COLOR!"  😄

Unfortunately, E caught a pretty nasty cold about halfway through our unit so we ended up finger painting quite a few of the animals, but I think they still turned out pretty darn cute.

Brown Bear, marker.

Red Bird, colored pencil.

Yellow Duck, do-a-dot marker.

Blue Horse, paint.

Green Frog, paint.

Purple Cat, oil pastel.

White Dog, colored pencil.

Black Sheep, marker.

Goldfish, paint.

These playdough mats were definitely a nice size for coloring, and they make a lovely addition to our homeschool room walls!  E loves to point out all the animals and colors!

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