Saturday, October 8, 2016

Week Four Letter 'D' Discovery Basket

I knew that the letter D would be a fun basket for us this week, since 'dog' is one of E's favorite words!  I would say I am a bit skeptical of next week, we don't have many E objects, although I am sure E would be more than happy to sit in the basket and be the star of the week by herself!  

Letter D basket objects:

Melissa and Doug Self-Correcting Letter Puzzles - Dd
Letter Puzzle from Target dollar spot - Dd
Plastic dinosaur
Two dog beanie babies, and a duck
Rubber duck bath toy
Dump Truck
Safari Toob dolphin, and dragonfly
Dinosaur bingo chip
Melissa and Doug farm magnets (donkey, dog, and duck)
Melissa and Doug magnetic letters capital D and lowercare d
Flash cards: Deer, Dog, Duck, Drum, Donkey

This weeks basket was a huge hit.  It had a nice variety and I think it really kept E's interest throughout the week.

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