Thursday, September 8, 2016

Week One Color Red Crafts

I felt a little overwhelmed with crafts, and it's only been my first week tot schooling!  Yikes!  I should have prepared crafts the week before so they would be ready.  I hope to become a little more organized for subsequent weeks. 

So we did two crafts this week: 

The first is a red apple craft (credit).

I did a google image search for "apple outline" and found an image that I liked.  I was going for a large canvas, but wanted it as realistic as possible.  Next, I showed E how to rip red construction paper into strips, and then into rough squares.  She really enjoyed ripping the paper!  Then I set out a small plate with white school glue, a foam sponge for applying the glue, and our bowl of red construction paper scraps.  I showed her how to apply the glue with the brush, then stick on a piece of red paper, and push it down to adhere it.  E really liked this project!  She preferred using her fingers to add the glue, a lot of which did not end up inside the apply, haha!  Overall, it was a good first experience with glue!

Our next craft was a feathered red bird craft (credit)

For this craft, I drew a bird freehand on red construction paper and cut it out.  Then I glued it to a regular sized white piece of paper to give E a larger surface for applying the feathers.  I glued on a small yellow triangle for a nose, and drew on an eye and some legs and feet.  For the tray, I did a similar setup as for the first craft.  I applied a small amount of glue to a plate, added a foam sponge brush, and a ramekin of red feathers.  I showed E how to apply a small bit of glue, and a feather. Much like before, she preferred using her fingers, but that's absolutely fine!  

E giggled when the bird was fully feathered, I guess it looked quite naked before!

These were both perfect crafts for a toddler with a short attention span, we spaced them out by a few days so the novelty of playing with glue didn't wear off.  All the while, I reiterated that the apple was RED and the RED bird was getting RED feathers.  It was great fun!  

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