Thursday, September 8, 2016

Week One Book List for Letter 'A' and Color 'Red'

This week's book list for the letter 'A and color 'red':

  • Red Truck by Kersten Hamilton- A red tow truck rescues a school bus on a winters day. E loved when I made the car noises 'zooooom' and 'vroooom' etc.
  • The Red Hen by Rebecca Emberley- Red Hen finds a recipe for Simply Splendid Cake and wants the help from her friends to make it.  However, her friends don't want to partake in the actual process of baking the cake.  So, Red Hen decides, if they don't want to help bake it, then they don't get to help eating it! 
  • Apple Farmer Annie by Monica Wellington- Annie is an apple farmer, that truly loves her job!  She picks apples and make cider, cakes, and muffins with her apples.  Then she sells her apples and all her baked goods at the farmers market in the city.  When she's all sold out, she goes home happy and satisfied.  E loved pointing out the cat and dog in the pictures, a little besides the point, but hey it got her interested in the story!
  • The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall- Colorful collage illustrations show an apple tree's transformation through the seasons, culminating the final stage of an apples life: being baked in an apple pie!
  • Apples Apples Apples by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace- Go with Minna, Pop, Mom and Dad to the apple orchard to pick apples!  Learn some interesting facts about apples, and make applesauce!
  • The Ants go Marching by Sandra D'Antonio- The traditional song 'The Ants Go Marching' with pictures for counting the ants up to ten.
Not pictured, but was also read is The Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown, which is a favorite in our house.  We read it almost daily regardless of the theme.  E loves when I point out the animals as I read the book.

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