Wednesday, September 7, 2016

First Week of Tot School! Letter 'A' Discovery Basket

Week one of tot school is officially over! I think it went well, I know I have definitely learned a thing or two about how to teach a toddler. I think E had fun as well, which was the whole point anyway.

I'm still working out the kinks of how I want to display blog posts about our weekly activities, so bear with me while I figure out a system. This first post will be about our main activity for the week, which was a discovery basket dedicated to the letter 'A'.

In our basket this week we have:

Anteater beanie baby
Alligator beanie baby
Capital 'A' magnet and lowercase 'a' magnet
Apple tree magnet
2 red plastic play food apples
2 green half play food apples (from Ikea)
Airplane puzzle piece
Letter Aa puzzle piece (wooden one from Melissa and Doug and a cardboard one from Target dollar spot)
Ant (Insect safari toob)
Flashcards of an Ant, Armadillo, Alligator, and Apple

E loved pulling everything out of the basket and examining it as I told her what each thing was called. Since this week is also 'red' week, I made sure to point out the 'red apples'.  

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