Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week Two Letter 'B' Discovery Basket

'B' was so much more fun to put together than 'A'!  We had a lot more objects to put in the basket, and a lot of the words are easier to say.

This week in the 'B' basket we have:

Bb letter puzzle (wooden Melissa and Doug, the one with the butterfly, and cardboard Target dollar spot, the one with the bumble bee)
Flashcards of a banana, ball, butterfly, bike, bear (teddy and brown bear?)
Two blue balls (blue is our color theme of the week)
Play food banana, and bread
Blue Bowl
Blue Block
Stuffed bear, bat, and bird
Magnet barn, capital B, and lowercase b
Toobs bear, bee, two butterflies (one red and one blue, I only included the red one because it looked more like the flashcard we were using)

E really enjoyed pulling things out of her basket again this week.  I found a place in our living room to place the basket, so that she can access it whenever she wants.  

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