Monday, September 26, 2016

Week Two Book List for Letter B

E loved going to the library this week!  Our library recently added a light table with a bunch of cool things to play with, and also a new lego table!  Fun!

Here is what is in our book basket this week:

  • The Three Bears by Byron Barton - Classic tale of the three bears and Goldilocks.  Everyone knows this story (right?) so I won't go into the storyline. This rendition has bright colorful pictures that keeps kids and parents interested.
  • Hello Baby! by Mem Fox - Simple rhymes, follows very closely on the heels of "Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?" but it's still cute in it's own way.  The book asks the question "are you....?" followed by an animal making a noise/gesture etc.  The illustrations are lovely, and E loved placing her hand in th  Me handprint at the end of the book.  
  • My Bus by Byron Barton -  A bus driver drives around town picking up cats and dogs and dropping them off at their destinations.  Includes simple math concepts (we aren't quite there yet, but would be nice for older toddlers).  Ends with the last dog on the bus going home with the bus driver.  Simple story, but uses E's two favorite words: cat and dog!
  • Boats by Byron Barton (notice a theme this week?  His name also starts with a B!)- Really simple, short book about different kinds of boats, from ferry's to cruise ships.  As with all of Byron's books, lots of bright colorful pictures.
  • Can you Growl Like a Bear? by John Butler - This was my favorite book this week.  This book shows different animals (different than most animal noise books, ie. no cows, chickens, horses) and the different noises they make.  My favorite was the pandas!  So cute!  
  • Global Babies  Most babies and children love seeing pictures of other babies, so this book is perfect for that as well as a very basic introduction to other cultures.  Babies are babies no matter where they live, but they dress differently, and have different traditions/cultures.  Excellent photos.
  • Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle - I think most parents of toddlers know this book, so I won't go into too much detail.  Little Blue Truck is a friendly pickup truck that makes friends wherever he goes.  He's always quick to help out a friend (or not so friendly truck) when he is needed.  This is a favorite in our house, E and I both love it.
  • Black Book of Colors by Menena Cottin - This is a very interesting book.  It's written in Braille (but also in English so if you can't read Braille, it's still readable for you), and describes colors of objects.  The pages are all black, with just raised pages so you can feel how something is described.  Even though E is too young to understand what it means for a blind person to read in Braille, she enjoyed feeling the pages. 

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