Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Alphabet Carrot Patch Match

E is just in the beginning stages of learning her alphabet.  I thought this would be a fun matching game for our next few units (The Little Rabbit, and The Carrot Seed).  

I didn't take pictures during the entire process, but I will best describe how I created our carrot patch alphabet board.  I used two packs of these paper carrots that were purchased for $1 a piece from the Target dollars spot.  

I wrote the alphabet, in capital letters, on the leafy green tops of each carrot.  Using a blue poster board (the largest size I could find at Hobby Lobby, this kind was also a bit thicker than the kinds you find at Walgreens, etc) I created a carrot patch.  I folded a brown piece of construction paper in half lengthwise, then cut 1 inch off on one side (to create a pocket with a larger piece in the back.  I glued my 'dirt' pockets to the poster board and ta-da!  Carrot patch!  

I went ahead and wrote the whole alphabet in the 'dirt' so that E could match the carrots correctly.  If you have an older child, this definitely isn't necessary.  But, like I said earlier, E is just in the beginning process of learning her letters so this will make it easier for her to put them in the correct order.

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