Sunday, April 9, 2017

Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? - Sensory Bin

I decided to keep our sensory bin easy and mess free this week so E can pull it out and play whenever she wants to.  This was probably a good idea since keeping her play food in a container for a whole two weeks has probably drove her crazy (she LOVES to play with her kitchen set).  

I used the printable from here (as seen in our shelf work post).  I have most of the pieces in play food to go along with the printout but not all, so we just skipped the ones we didn't have.  I would call out a food for E to find in her box, and she would find it.  Very simple!  Then I let her cross it off her list, like I do at the grocery store.  

This was a great exercise for her to learn a few new vocabulary words (hotdog turned out to be her favorite new word!), but it was also a fun i-spy type game as well.  You can watch us play with it in the video below:

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