Monday, March 13, 2017

Ask Mr. Bear Art Projects

This has been such a fun two week for art!  Honestly, this is one of my favorite reasons for doing a tot-school type of schooling with E.  I often want to paint or do some projects other than coloring, but often I don't know what to do.  By having weekly themes, it gives me reason to plan ahead some fun toddler art projects that are more than just coloring with crayons.  So here is what we have done for our Ask Mr. Bear unit:

Puffy Paint Birthday Cupcakes

We started this unit when E turned 2, so for her birthday we created puffy paint birthday cupcakes!  I cut cupcake tops (kind of like a cloud shape) out of white card stock, and glued it to colored construction paper in the shape of a cupcake liner.  

Then I made puffy paint with white glue, shaving cream, flour and liquid watercolors (to make the pink frosting).  E smeared it on the cupcakes with her hands, since it was too thick to really paint on. I have seen people online use baggies with the tips cut off, like you would for real frosting.  That seems like a much cleaner method, but smearing worked too😄.  

E put sequins on the frosting to add a bit of color and extra prettiness!

Piggies in the Mud

I had hoped to use a marble in a box, and have E roll the marble around in brown paint to coat these piggies with, but by the end of the day, I decided to be lazy and just let her finger paint the pigs.  Oh well, it still turned out cute!

Cottonball Sheep Crafts

I printed an image of a sheep found online, and traced it onto contact paper, then taped the contact paper (sticky-side out) to the window and let E stick cotton balls to the sheep.  While, she enjoyed sticking the cotton balls, she didn't always like the placement she chose, and ended up taking all the cotton balls off!  Haha!  It made a rather cool effect with the cotton that did stick though.

This was the printed image of the sheep I used in the previous craft, I let E glue cotton balls on this time.  This seemed to work better.  😉

Hope you all enjoyed these Ask Mr. Bear crafts.  Next up, sensory bins for the week!  Stay tuned!

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