Friday, October 21, 2016

Week Six F is for Farm (Farm Animal Vocabulary)

I have a farm unit scheduled for next Spring, which I am very excited about.  Until then, I thought I could still do some farm activities with E for letter 'F' week! 

In this activity, we are using a Farm Animals book (this one is one of my favorites, it's a board book with realistic pictures, and the name of the animal in big black letters).  We are also using the Safari LTD Farm Animals Toob.

We started off by reading the book, pointing out each animal and making it's noise.  Then we moved on to a new phase:

Again, I would point to the picture of the animal and say it's name, "this is a hen, a hen says cluck cluck."  Next, I would pull out the hen miniature from the Farm Toob, show it to E and say "this is also a hen," after she inspected the hen, I would place the miniature on the picture and say, "a hen says cluck cluck."

In this part of the exercise, I would place three (sometimes two if it's an animal E isn't very familiar with) of the miniatures near the book, and flip to a page where one of the animals was located.  Then I would ask E, "which one is the hen?" and she would pick up the miniature and place it on the page in the book, or hand it to me.

This is something we played with off and on throughout the week, and I feel was a good learning exercise.  It was fun being able to use a book (E loves this one by the way), and also 3D objects to round out the experience.

Ps.  I linked up to Tot School gathering place this week!

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