Monday, September 26, 2016

Week Three Letter 'C' Discovery Basket

This week was an interesting basket!  I really feel E did very good learning a few new words this week.  I'm such a proud mommy!

Anyway, this basket contained:

Target dollar spot letter puzzle C
Play food:  corn, carrots, cheese, cookie
Car from Dollar Tree
Safari toob caterpillar (from the insect toob) and a cat (it's technically a mountain lion, but it looks like a cat since it's miniature, from the North American animals toob)
Chair from Disney princess palace
Chicken from Fischer Price Little People farm
Cow from a bag of farm animals at Hobby Lobby
Flash cards of a carrot, cat, caterpillar, chicken, cake, car, cow, circle, and clock
Cotton ball  (this didn't survive the basket very long, E kept ripping it apart)

By the end of the week E was able to hand me the majority of the objects correctly when I asked for them.

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